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Wood is one of the renewable raw materials that is said to look forward into a great future. In Germany the sustainability of the forests is protected by Federal Law; i.e. it is not allowed to win more wood than what will grow again in the same time. Over the last years the forest stand in Germany has even increased considerably! Trees that are processed at HMS-HOLZ do exclusively come from sustainably cultivated forests.

Economy and ecology are no contradictions to us but equally entitled company guidelines that complement one another in a symbiotic manner.

As a tree binds carbon dioxide during its metabolism/growth (photosynthesis), which is discharged in the treatment and processing through the use of the energy required for this, wood is said to be a raw material having an equalized CO2 balance. Moreover, the thermal energy required for the technical kiln drying of sawn timber is exclusively generated with our own modern biomass power plants that have a high efficiency ratio. So a part of the processing-by-products turning up in our factories are used without any further need for transport directly on the spot in a thermally and ecologically reasonable manner.

Wood and especially raw wood/roundwood is a transport-intensive economic good. This is why we are particularly making efforts to organise the purchase of round timber in the nearest vicinity to the respective production facility. As a result, the transport costs are kept as low as possible and the environment is protected at the same time.

Unlike other industrial plants, particular basic regulations apply to a factory of the wood industry. As the raw material is not indefinitely available on the spot and its transport involves high financial expenditures, the maxim: “The bigger the lower the costs, the more lucrative” does not apply unlimitedly at all. On the contrary, our objective is to find a factory size that is adapted to the occurrence of the raw material, and that is economically appropriate and ecologically sensible. This complies with our company philosophy. In decades of close cooperation with the raw material suppliers we are thus trying every single day to fulfil the common responsibility for our environment.

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